Closet Works


With nearly three decades of experience, Closet Works successfully delivers home organization systems and a sense of order to Chicagoland homes. We do everything from walk-in and reach-in closets, to garages, pantries, wall beds, offices and more. No matter how large or small the space, we make sure to build your personal sanctuary within reach. Closet works products are made in U.S.A., right here in Chicagoland.

Walk-in closets vary in size, ranging anywhere from a 3 by 5 to areas large enough to be considered master bedrooms. But even in cases where a walk-in simply isn’t possible, rest assured, there are effective solutions for your storage needs. At Tub Hub & Tile, we pride ourselves in our ability to thoroughly evaluate the space you have available. Our specialists can help you find the best way to take advantage of every square inch to effectively store your clothing, shoes, accessories, and other belongings. Your new closet can usually be completely fitted in a day or less, although sometimes larger or more complex installations take more time. At Tub Hub & Tile, we take the time to ensure items like valet bars or hooks are placed exactly where you want them. Get the storage solutions you deserve and contact our team to get the ball rolling!